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The decision of which mortgage program and lender to use to purchase or refinance your home is an important one. As you consider your options, it is wise to base your decisions on a thorough understanding of how the mortgage industry works and what to watch out for. To help get you started, we've created a number of documents which can help you analyze your options and learn what you don't know that you don't know.

5 Mortgage Secrets

5 Mortgage Secrets explores hidden corners of the mortgage industry that many borrowers don't know exist and alerts them to some of the practices and processes which may keep them from having a positive mortgage experience.

6 Mortgage Industry Flaws

6 Mortgage industry Flaws is a document which gets right to the heart of many of processes and procedures which presently exist in the mortgage industry that result in borrowers' interests being sacrificed for profits. Knowing and understanding these flaws is critical to borrowers getting the financing that best meets their needs.

5 Mortgage Insider Tips

5 Mortgage Insider Tips explores 5 simple steps and suggestions, which if followed, will help borrowers work with their lenders more effectively and help ensure the improved chances of obtaining a mortgage that meets the needs of the borrower.

20 Pre-Lock Questions

Locking an interest rate with a lender should not be taken lightly. We have created this list of questions that every borrower should ask the lender they're considering locking a rate with. By asking these questions, borrowers will better understand their lender, their level of experience, and likelihood of delivering on their promises.

Mortgage Application Checklist

Going through the underwriting process can be very painful. Especially in today's market, lenders' underwriting guidelines are stricter. As a result, borrowers are frequently asked to provide numerous documents to verify the information they've provided to the lender. This checklist was designed to give borrowers a better understanding of the documents they should be prepared to provide to their lender after applying for a loan.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in these documents is meant to assist borrowers in understanding some of the analysis and issues they may consider while making their mortgage decisions. The results and analysis is not personalized. Rather, it is based on general guidelines which are subject to change and may not fit every situation. Consequently, the information cannot be guarnateed accurate in every case and borrowers should complete their own independent analysis and review of any relevant terms or issues with a professional prior to making a decision on how to proceed with their mortgage. Additionally: the information in these documents many not be copied, reproduced, or posted without the express written concent of the Company. (c) 2009 Jammony, Inc.


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Jammony believes the mortgage industry and loan origination processes are fundamentally broken - causing unnecessary headache and heartache for millions of borrowers every year. Jammony's vision is to change the industry by doing three things. First, Jammony is committed to providing borrowers with tools and technology which allow them to learn about, shop for, and compare mortgage quotes online in a non-threatening environment. Second, after choosing the quote which best meets their needs, Jammony performs an audit of the loan disclosures and final documents to ensure that what was expected is what is delivered. Lastly, Jammony works diligently to ensure their services never conflict with the best interests of their customers.