Desired Rate:
Loan Term:
Purchase Price:
Down Payment:
Home Value: $
1st Mortgage Balance: $
2nd Mortgage Balance: $
Was 2nd Used to Buy Home? Yes No
Cash Out: $
Loan Amount: $240,000
Loan To Value: 80.000%
Credit Score:
Property State:
Property County:
Home Type:
Escrow Waiver: Yes No
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Loan Summary Purchase
30-Year Fixed
30-Year Fixed
30-Year Fixed
Interest Rate  3.750% 3.750% 3.750% 
Monthly Payment1 $1,111.48 $1,111.48 $1,111.48 
Closing Costs
   Lender Fees / (Credit)2
   Total 3rd Party Fees3
   Total Closing Costs4



Upfront Mortgage Ins.5 $0 $0 $0 
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Jammony believes the mortgage industry and loan origination processes are fundamentally broken - causing unnecessary headache and heartache for millions of borrowers every year. Jammony's vision is to change the industry by doing three things. First, Jammony is committed to providing borrowers with tools and technology which allow them to learn about, shop for, and compare mortgage quotes online in a non-threatening environment. Second, after choosing the quote which best meets their needs, Jammony performs an audit of the loan disclosures and final documents to ensure that what was expected is what is delivered. Lastly, Jammony works diligently to ensure their services never conflict with the best interests of their customers.

DISCLAIMER: Jammony, Inc is a consumer advocacy company that works to protect the rights and interests of it's customers. Jammony is not a mortgage lender or broker and the quotes presented here are not an offer for credit or a Good Faith Estimate. The terms and fees of the quotes are provided by and the sole responsibility of the respective lender providing the quote. Quotes cannot be locked until after an application is received and the information reviewed by a licensed representative of the respective lender. All information is subject to verification and underwriting approval. Additional information and/or documentation may be required and verified in order for the lender to extend an offer of credit. All fees, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

1) Monthly Payment: Includes principal, interest, and monthly mortgage insurance (if applicable).
2) Lender Fees / (Rebate): Lender fees are guaranteed so long as the information you provide is accurate and you complete your lock request with your selected lender prior to the market changing.
3) 3rd Party Fees: Title & Settlement fees are highly regulated and Jammony does its very best to provide accurate real-time quotes. Over 90% of the time we over-estimate the fees. However, these cannot be guaranteed until a title search is completed. In the case of a purchase, an owners policy premium is included. 
4) Closing Costs: These represent the total cost of financing. However, they do not include money your chosen lender may collect from you at closing to fund an escrow account to pay property taxes and homeowner's insurance for you.
5) Mortgage Insurance: Mortgage Insurance is collected up front for every FHA, VA, and Rural Housing loan - regardless of the lender. While most borrowers choose to roll it into their loan, it is a cost you bear, so we want you to know it's there.